To art or not to art, that is the question.

I've been in love with digital art since it first came out.  I went to an Art college for graphic arts and have always wanted to be a Photo altering pro.  I tried something new today. I downloaded an app that let me edit photos and I went nuts with it!  I have a handful of model photos from already on my phone and I got to work. I edited a dozen photos before I knew it. This is days of work in Photoshop that I was able to do in minutes this Photolab app.

I wrestled with the time I was spending doing this I have a pile of work to do. Until my husband assured me that I can use these beautiful altered photos in marketing. Then my flow was back on, and the photos were coming together one after another with ease. If nothing else it was a day spent making future copy for advertising and great way to get in touch with my inner graphic artist.

I posted some of them on Facebook and got mixed reactions.  Some photos got crickets, but then I got requests from friends for their pictures to be done too.  It was fun.  I spent the majority of my day making graphics and loved it. I dedicated my evening to making flowers to try to catch up on some lost work time.

Trying new things is always a risk. But that is what my life is primarily made up.  Keeping up with tech is not easy, and I'm always thinking I'm getting passed by. We unplugged our TV over 10 years ago when I started this business and at times I feel out of touch with modern society. This small dose of graphic arts is just what I needed.

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