Instant Regret

I can't believe I just started a blog. And with such a pretentious post.  Instant regret washes over me about 30 minutes afterwards. What have I done.  It's been 10 years of me telling my husband that I would never blog. And on a whim one day while clicking on random buttons in my Shopify store admin area I stumbled across a blog button. Well, like any curious person would do, I clicked in and got enchanted with the idea that maybe;  on this fantastic day that seems to be going so well already, I would give it a shot. And here I am a half hour after posting my first blog post ever I am already questioning my decision to potentially humiliate myself. Yep. This is happening.  

I'm kind of a jump in head first ask questions later kind of person. It feels like as an entrepreneur you have to be. I'm always trying new things.  I am pretty lucky that I have such a great husband who supports me when I choose to do some wild adventure.  What else is there in life if you aren't moving along and trying new things?





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