If you build it they will come.

Being at the right place at the right time sure does help getting "lucky" in success.  There is an element of truth to that. But you need to be in the arena to play. Success does not happen by chance.

I spent all my time and money on my new business, Hairflowers.net.  I had this dream job where I make things and sell them at home with my husband.  I got to use my creativity and skills to make hair accessories and that was fun. Soon I started asking friends to come model for me and we spent lots of time doing photoshoots. I filled my basement with products and flowers galore. I hired a couple people to help me ship and make flowers. Things were really moving along quite nicely. I had turned my basement into a workshop, office and shipping central for Hairflowers.net

Our company was growing. It was exciting to get orders. At first I remember putting an alarm on my phone, it was actually a cash register  "cha ching" noise with every order. I remember being out with friends and hearing that alarm so much it made me self conscious and had to shut it off it was going off so often. It was a wonderful problem to have.  Thanks to my husband and his SEO skills we were at the top of Google and orders were pouring in. 

One day I got an email from a company that was inquiring about a huge order. It was far more flowers than I had ever even made. The order was for thousands of flowers in a very short turn around time. I was a little intimidated for sure by this, but when I heard what they were for, I was not about to say no.  These flowers were going to be sold at Carrie Underwood's Summer Tour!!  

I got started right away.  I took a small deposit, ordered an obscene amount of supplies and started working.  I quickly realized that there was no possible way that I was going to be able to get these done myself. I got on the phone and starting recruiting friends and family to help. I modified the way that I manufactured these to get the quickest results. I hosted a flower making party.  I had been gifted a HUGE beautiful dining room table and I filled it with people. made an assembly line and moved thousands of flowers around this table, switching people out in shifts for three days resulting in thousands of flowers hair clips. 

I have since had people mention how "lucky" we were to get that sale.  Those words never sat well with me. I did not feel like luck had much to do with it.  A man does not simply stumble into a successful job position, be must train or go to school for it.  This was no different. I had been training for this for a couple years.  That certainly was a defining moment in my career that brought our business to the next level. Thankfully I was ready. You have to play to win. 

If you build it, they will come. That is certainly something that we have learned throughout the years.  In order to be a success in your business you must make the business first.  You must prepare and be open to new opportunities. Keep your head up and say yes.  This order came via an email, not many orders come in that way. Had I not been paying attention I would have had an unfortunate missed opportunity.  I had been putting in plenty of time and effort, and it did not go unnoticed. There were plenty of days that I wanted to give up, quit and listen to the naysayers.  But there is a bigger part of me says never give up. My brain says 'you can only fail if you quit'.  That's what keeps me going.

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