3 Winning ways to stay Motivated

When you feel like you have hit a wall it's hard to keep going, what do you do?Everyone has mental roadblocks now and again. It's hard to move forward at times for whatever reason. I'm guessing your health, finances, other people or time have gotten in the way somehow you have lost motivation. But alas, there is work to be done and sometimes you are the only one that can do it.

Here are a few things I do to stay motivated.

1.Face it head on.  Just do the one thing that you've been avoiding. It seems like a no brainer. But really, how much time have you lost now by procrastinating? Sometimes it's clear what you need to do, and there is no better time than the present to do it. I always feel better once I get the hard task out of the way.  Maybe it's not even hard, it's just no fun, boring or tedious in some way. Whatever it is, it seems much bigger in your head than it really is, I promise you that. After your mental block is gone, you can move forward freely. And that feeling is strength.

2. Change your surroundings.  I had a fellow entrepreneur tell me this was her secret.  I have since adopted it as one of my own practices.  Getting out of your routine and your regular surroundings is one of the best ways to breath fresh air into you. Maybe you have been plugging away for just too long and need some actual fresh air. Take a walk, a drive or just sit outside.  Getting outside in the fresh air helps clear my head and usually if I keep my eyes open I will find an answer to move me along somehow.

3. Do something amazing to remind you who you are.   A lot of times really good work comes from procrastination. I can come up with some amazing things when I am faced with having to do something I don't want to however this is really where you get some quality work done and you can pack a lot into the time you should be doing something else. It's really a gift I think we all have.  Give yourself permission to let yourself shine. Go do something that excites and ignites you. You can catapult off that dopamine high and now things seem better. 

Those are a few ways that I use stay on top of things.  I use these methods nearly every day in some capacity. How about you, what do you do to stay motivated? If you have any tips and tricks, please let know. 

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